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Blueprint for a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

As manager, I'm in-charge of our customer service operations.  I wish I knew these simple steps when I started.  These tips will prove invaluable and worth the short read.

AMY redding,

Customer Service Manager

Blueprint for a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

Learn the 3 most valuable lessons for a successful campaign


Is your list a "good" list for telemarketing?  Chances are you will need to give your lists some thought.  We share some age-old wisdom with you.


Your script communicates your brand and message.  A script isn't something you "set & forget" - it's a document that needs a lot of TLC.  We give you some insights for your script.


Your frontline is manned by the call agents.  Making sure they have all the amunition they need and are well trained is an ongoing task.  Your call center partner matters!

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